31 Jan. 2008: Added Forecast Model (NAM/RUC/GFS) Page in the "Main Menu" selections. Once selection is entered information loads from off site location.
30 Jan. 2008: Added static Weather Gauges in Metric under "Live" menu tab.
29 Jan. 2008: Updated Whos-Online page again to version 2.15. Original Author updated minor coding issues and adding additional features.
28 Jan. 2008: Updated Whos-Online page again to version 2.10. Original Author updated minor coding issues and adding features.
21 Jan. 2008: Added Map Analysis Explained page under "Weather Info" menu tab.
17 Jan. 2008: Installed scripting for jpgraphs. Added Weather Station Graphs page under "Almanac" menu tab.
15 Jan. 2008: Relocated Thermo-Hygro sensor unit about 3 feet away from original mounted location for a more accurate Barometric, Humidity and Temperature reading. This to allow for better Quality checking by CWOP when comparing to other local weather stations, both PWS's and the NWS outpost stations within the area.
13 Jan. 2008: Added a downloadable METAR/TAF List of Abbreviations and Acronyms PDF file for those who wish to understand METAR coding and symbols.
05 Jan. 2008: Added a Station Records Pages for Year / Month and All Time records for those who wish to view said records of this station.
03 Jan. 2008: Major work done to Weather Station equipment.
  • Replaced a faulty Thermo-Hygro sensor unit.
  • Placed Thermo-Hygro sensor under a weatherproof shield to prevent moisture from entering into battery compartment. Have noticed numerous times previous unit having moisture in battery compartment when heavy dew, rain etc. was present. Additionally placed silicon around battery access door to ward off moisture.
  • Dropped Anemometer and waterproofed all sealed areas with silicon. Also all screw locations and/or locations where moisture could potentially enter into the unit. This has caused the Anemometer to consistently send faulty wind readings and/or locked the entire station up for hours when heavy moisture/humidity/dew etc. existed.
  • Placed toroids on ALL wiring approximately 6 inches from termination (plug-in) point to prevent unwanted or spurious RF entering into data lines from Amateur Radio equipment or other sources.
24 Dec. 2008: Added Hazardous Weather Events Definitions page under "Weather Info" menu tab.
22 Dec. 2008: Updated About Us page to reflect more historical information on area as well as updated Latitude/Longitude of this station for a more accurate location.
15 Dec. 2008: Added feature: "Interesting Weather Facts" to all or most website pages.
15 Dec. 2008: Joined the following Organizations: Added NEWN and MAWN Mesomap pages to site under "MesoMap" menu tab.
24 Nov. 2008: Station joined CoCoRaHS. Added page to site explaining who CoCoRaHS is and some basic info on how to join if interested.
18 Nov. 2008: Station joined AWEKAS.
04 Nov. 2008:

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Interesting Weather Facts
La Runion Island (east of Madagascar) in February 2007 when Tropical Cyclone Gamede ( was traversing the Indian Ocean. An article in the May 2009 issue of the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society reports that this storm set two world records: a rainfall rate of 3,929 mm in 72 hours (154.7 inches in 3 days) and a 4 day total accumulation of 4,869 mm (191.7 inches about 16 feet of water!).