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Station Historical Data For Bruceton, TN. (K3JAE's Weather Station - KTNBRUCE2)
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Temperature: 40.8 °F 13.4 °F 27.6 °F
Dew Point: 35.8 °F 4.4 °F 19.7 °F
Humidity: 90% 44% 71%
Wind Speed: 20mph - 4.6mph
Wind Gust: 20mph - -
Pressure: 30.73 in 30.13 in -
Precipitation: 0.04 in    
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2017 Temp (°F) Dew Point (°F) Humidity (%) Sea Level Pressure (in) Wind (mph) Gust Speed (mph) Precip (in)
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Interesting Weather Facts
Humidity or relative humidity measures the amount of water vapor in the air relative to the temperature. It is important in weather because humidity affects how humans feel. A hot, humid day feels hotter because we cannot sweat as effectively. A cool, dry day feels colder because moisture evaporates more easily.