Area Weather Stations
Data Reporting

Above is an interactive map. By choosing an option in the "Settings," "Weather Station Options" you are able to choose to display the Temperature, Dew Point, Humidity, Cloud Cover, Wind or Precipitation for any given location. You can zoom in or out to see an area or the entire U.S. along with any weather alerts, special weather statements or the local radar. You can choose to show webcams if available. You also have the option to display a road map, the terrain or both. The default view is Terrain, Temperature/Wind for this station's local area.

Keep in mind these are weather stations reporting and not the official NWS reporting stations therefore, it is possible the information reported may not be 100% accurate or timely. You may also notice great differences in various readings dependant on station settings, Having said that, most, but not all, reporting stations have passed minimum criteria in order to give a fairly accurate and timely picture of the specific area.

The weather data contained herein is offered without any warranties expressed or implied, and is ONLY meant to supplement -- not replace -- official NWS weather forecasts and information. Please consult a NWS meteorologist for serious inquiries, or specific information about weather conditions in your area of concern.